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The Naming of our Lord

In our lives, names hold a profound importance. Most of us carry names that embody meaning and history. We often name our children after our ancestors or influential figures, underscoring the value we place on names.

Throughout history, names like Alexander the Great, Tigran the Great, Socrates, Julius Ceasar, Isaac Newton… have etched themselves deeply in our collective memory. Their impact was like stars shining bright, yet their legacy, in many cases, faded into darkness, leaving behind shadows rather than light.

In this transient world, even the most celebrated names fade with time. The silent city of the dead, our cemeteries, stand as a testament to this truth. There, the names of kings and laborers, rich and poor, are etched in stone, equal in the face of eternity. It's a stark reminder that despite our earthly stature, we all share the same destiny.

But, about two thousand years ago, in the humble manger of Bethlehem, a cry broke the silence of the night. A name was given to the world, a name that was awaited by many. This name was different from those that had come and gone. It was not a name that would fade into obscurity or be remembered for earthly power and conquests. This name was “Jesus,” meaning "God saves."

This is not merely a title; it's a declaration of divine action. In the simplicity of this name lies the profound truth of God's plan for humanity. Jesus, born into this world, was God's living promise - a promise that mankind would not be abandoned to the wages of sin.

Today, as the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Feast of the Naming of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us embrace the joy and gratitude that comes from knowing Jesus. Let His name be a constant on our lips and in our hearts. Every time we utter His name, let us recall the depth of His love and the breadth of His sacrifice.

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