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The Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide and us

Today, we stand united, hearts intertwined, as we remember the sacred memory of our Holy Martyrs, the brave souls of the Armenian Genocide. These were men, women, and children who, amidst the darkest hours, held onto their faith with unwavering love and dedication to our nation and homeland. They accepted the crown of martyrdom, and in doing so, they left us a legacy of indomitable spirit and courageous faith.

On this Memorial Day of the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide, H.H. Karekin II, the Catholicos of All Armenians, calls upon us to remember our past, not as a distant memory fading into the shadows but as a guiding light for our present and our future.

In his heartfelt message, His Holiness speaks of our nation facing new existential threats and severe national security challenges. Our brothers and sisters in Artsakh have faced trials that tested the very fiber of their being, and the border areas of Armenia endure tribulations that call for our steadfast courage and resolve.

But let me tell you, friends, that in the face of adversity, our faith becomes our shield, and our unity becomes our strength. Just as our holy martyrs kept their faith, we, too, must embrace that same spirit of endurance and resilience. It is our sacred duty to protect the integrity of our native land, to be zealous in strengthening our independent Armenian statehood, and to preserve the heritage of our ancestors as a sacred relic.

We are a nation strong with its heroic past. Our determination to fight against evil has been proven throughout history. In the same spirit, we must rise to remove any destructive manifestations contrary to our national interests. We must find ways out of these difficult situations and build a victorious future.

On this sacred day, let us come together in prayer. Let us pray for the intercession of our Holy Martyrs so that our homeland and nation may be peaceful, safe, and prosperous under God’s protective hand. May the courage of the Holy Martyrs inspire us, may their devotion uplift us, and may their legacy empower us to live out our faith with boldness and compassion.

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