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The Apparition of the Cross

Today is the “Feast of the Apparition of the Cross” on the Armenian Church's liturgical calendar. The Feast commemorates a historical event that took place in Jerusalem in 351 A.D. during the patriarchate of St. Cyril of Jerusalem.


In a letter to the Byzantine Emperor, St. Cyrill wrote: “The all-victorious Sign of the Cross, formed of light, appeared over the sky extending from Holy Golgotha to the Mount of Olives….  And its rays were so much stronger than the sun that the entire population of the city rushed to the Church [of the Holy Sepulcher], filled with awe and joy at the divine vision.”

They didn’t come because they were required to; they came because they were compelled by the sight of that cross of light. It was a reminder from God that no matter what darkness they face, His light is always brighter.


In our lives today, we face our forms of darkness. Maybe it’s doubt, fear, sickness, or a situation that seems impossible to overcome. But the Feast of the Apparition of the Cross tells us that God’s light can break through any darkness. And just like the citizens of Jerusalem, we are called not just to witness this light but to walk in it, to live by it, and to be guided by it.


St. Cyril of Jerusalem, who documented this miraculous event, wrote to the emperor to report an occurrence and also share a testimony of faith. He reminded the emperor—and today reminds us—that the power of God is something to be experienced and shared.


So today, let’s ask ourselves: are we just watching the light, or are we walking in it? Are we sharing this light with others, Let us not just be inspired by this story, but live it out every day. Let God’s victorious light shine through us, and let us bring others into this beautiful, overwhelming joy.

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