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St. Leon and his Companions

Today, as we remember St. Leon (Ghevont), the priest, and his companions, we are reminded of the profound sacrifice and unwavering faith that have shaped our history and sustained our Armenian spirit through the ages. St. Ghevont's life and actions during the Vartanantz war stand as a beacon of courage and divine commitment, illuminating the path of righteousness for all of us, especially those called to serve in the priesthood.

St. Ghevont's actions on the eve of the Battle of Avarayr encapsulate the essence of spiritual leadership. By celebrating the Divine Liturgy, administering Holy Communion, and baptizing those yet to be received into the church, he fortified the soldiers in body and spirit. His sermon, assuring them of their eternal union with Christ, provided a strength that transcended the physical realm, preparing them for the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their faith and homeland.

In commemorating St. Ghevont and his companions, let us also celebrate the dedication and service of our clergy. Their role in nurturing and sustaining the faith of our people, especially in challenging times, cannot be overstated. Like St. Ghevont, they are called to be beacons of hope, sources of spiritual strength, and exemplars of divine love.

Our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to you, our clergy, for continuing this sacred tradition. May your service be blessed with the same courage, resolve, and deep faith that marked the lives of these great saints of our church.

May the memory of St. Ghevont and his companions inspire us all to live with greater faith, courage, and commitment to our calling, and may God bless you in your sacred ministry.

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