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Trust in Him and He will act

Sometimes, we find ourselves standing at the edge of opportunity, teetering between comfort and the unknown. The safe shore behind us is familiar, but the deep waters of possibility lie ahead. It's in these moments that God whispers to our hearts, "Trust in Me.”

In the Gospel of Luke, our Lord Jesus Christ exhorts His disciples to take the boat to the depths of the sea and cast the nets to catch fish. Peter answers and says to Him: “Teacher, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word, I will let down the nets.” (Luke 5:4-6) When they obeyed Jesus and cast their nets, they caught so many fish that their nets were torn due to the heaviness.

How often have we found ourselves in Peter's shoes? We’ve toiled, struggled, and done everything we thought we were supposed to do, and yet the results we desperately hoped for seem nowhere in sight. In these moments of exhaustion and discouragement, Jesus comes to us and says, "Trust in Me. Go deeper."

Perhaps today, you feel like you're still rowing in shallow waters, sticking close to the shore where it feels safe, where you can see the bottom. But Jesus is calling you to push out into the deep. He’s asking you to trust Him with the parts of your life that feel worn out, with the dreams that seem impossible, with the hopes that have been dashed time and again.

So, trust in Him, and He will act. Take your boat into deeper waters. Let down your nets. God who commanded the winds and the waves, who knows every fish in the sea, is in control. Let’s trust Him together. Let’s see what miracles He has in store when we say, "At your word, Lord, at your word."

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