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The Story of Our Lives

Years ago, four clergymen were discussing which is the most successful Armenian translation of the Bible.  For one of them, the Golden Grabar—the great translation from Greek into Classical Armenian, called “The Queen of Translations”—was his absolute authority.  However, another priest claimed that the best translation was the modern Armenian edition published by Etchmiadzin.  And a third preferred the new “Ararat” translation.


When it was the fourth priest’s turn to offer his opinion, he said: “I prefer my mother’s translation.” The other three priests turned to him with surprise on their faces. But he continued: “Yes, my mother translated the Bible. She translated every page of the Holy Scriptures in her way of life.  And it has been the most convincing translation I have ever seen.”


I think that’s a story many of us can relate to. Most of us were blessed with a mom or dad, grandma or grandpa who truly embodied the wisdom of Scripture for us.  Their lives were a “living sermon” to everyone around them.


Our Lord expressed this in a perfect way—simple and to the point: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35).  That simple personal act—more so than anything else—was the sign that people would see, and recognize.


Every day, we are given opportunities to be a testament to the love and grace of God through our actions. When we choose kindness over anger, patience over frustration, and forgiveness over grudges, we are witnessing the power of Christ in our lives.


Think about it. Maybe there’s someone you know who’s always watching how you handle pressure, how you treat those who mistreat you, or how you give to those in need. Your life might be the only Bible they ever read. What story is your life telling them?

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