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Praying Hands

In the Gospel of Luke, we encounter the inspiring story of a woman who endured twelve long years of suffering from bleeding (Luke 8:43-48). St. Luke shares a poignant detail in this narrative, noting that "though she had spent all she had on doctors, she could not be healed by any" (Luke 8:43).

It's a common experience, isn't it? Often, we find ourselves turning to the Lord for healing or for our needs only after we've tried every human solution, realizing the limits of what medicine can achieve. It's precisely in these moments when all other avenues have failed, that we finally look to God, when we are most desperate when there's nowhere else to turn. But today, I want to encourage you with a different perspective.

What if we made God our first call? What if, instead of the last hope, He becomes our first and constant hope? You see, God is not just a safety net; He is the solid ground upon which we should stand. He’s waiting for us, not with a plan B but with plan A, not just to be our last resort but to be our strength from day one.

Our God stands with open arms, ready to welcome us not only in the crisis but in every moment of our lives. He is eager to enter into a relationship with us that transforms our entire being—mind, body, and soul. The woman in Luke’s Gospel shows us the power of reaching out to Jesus with our praying hands and firm faith, not just when we’ve run out of options, but as our first and best choice.

Today, let’s choose to touch Jesus with our praying hands, our hopes, and even our uncertainties. Let’s not wait until we feel like there’s nowhere else to turn. God is ready to hear from you, to heal you, and to say to you, “Your faith has healed you; go in peace” (Luke 8:48).

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