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Blessing of Pomegranates

As we ushered in the New Year, we celebrated the traditional blessing of pomegranates at St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral.

The pomegranate holds profound symbolism in our rich Armenian heritage and Christian faith. This beautiful fruit, adorning our architecture, arts, and manuscripts, represents much more than meets the eye.

The pomegranate symbolizes the unity and diversity of the Church. Like its many seeds held together, it reminds us that though Christians worldwide are diverse, we are united in Christ's love. Its crown speaks of Jesus' sovereignty, while its red color symbolizes His sacrificial blood, offering salvation to all.

The pomegranate is believed to contain 365 seeds. This symbolizes that every day of the new year is an opportunity to dedicate ourselves anew to Christ. Like each day, each seed is a chance for renewal and growth in our spiritual journey.

As we embrace the new year, let us remember the lessons of the pomegranate. Let its rich symbolism remind us of our unity in Christ’s love despite our diversity, the sovereignty of Jesus, and the salvation His sacrifice offers. More so, let it inspire us to live each day with purpose, embodying the teachings of Christ in all our actions and thoughts.

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