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Why go to church?

If God is everywhere, why should we go to church?

The atmosphere is filled with water, but we go to a water source when thirsty. Similarly, the Church is the water source where the Word of God is spoken, felt, and lived. The Sacraments are not mere rituals but palpable expressions of God's grace, forging a tangible connection with the Divine.

In our individualistic society, the Church stands as a communal oasis, a spiritual sanctuary where we find sustenance for our journey. Just as travelers in a desert seek water, we turn to the Church for spiritual nourishment and refreshment. And here, we learn our faith is not a solitary path but a shared journey, enriched and deepened through our collective experiences and shared stories.

Let us embrace the Church, not merely as a structure or an organization but as our spiritual oasis. In a world that often leaves us thirsting for meaning and purpose, the Church offers the living water of Christ. It's a sanctuary where we grow, learn, and are continually renewed by God's love together.

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