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The True Sunrise of the Sun of Righteousness


In the course of centuries, the Armenian Church has venerated the Holy Mother of God with profound and most beautiful appellations, asking for her intercession. The Fathers of the Church and holy hymnographers called the Virgin Mary Gate of Heaven, Ark of the Covenant, Temple of the Word of God, and Golden Jar of Heavenly Manna.

One of these profound appellations is found in the Magnificat hymn of Nativity in which the Mother of God is called “The true sunrise of the Sun of Righteousness.” Just as the sun rises from the East, so the Virgin Mary is the genuine East, from where the Sun of Righteousness, Jesus Christ, rises to give light to mankind that is groping in the darkness of sin and idolatry.

Truly, the Virgin Mary is one of the key figures of the Holy Nativity. God became man, because Holy Virgin Mary, despite all the dangers and difficulties, had her compelling and courageous participation in God’s plan of salvation. The incarnation of the Only-begotten Son of God was fulfilled with the Virgin Mary’s response to the Angel Gabriel: “Let it be!” At the creation of the universe God said “Let there be” (Gen. 1), and the whole world and all the creatures were created by his word. The Holy Virgin said “Let it be” (Lk. 1:38), and according to her words, the Creator came into the world, and the Sun of Righteousness rose from the Authentic East, whom we magnify singing in unison.

Magnificat Hymn, Tone VIII.

O Mother of God, source of the inexhaustible Light who enlightens the faithful; singing in unison we magnify you!

O radiance of virginity for mankind, joy of angels; you removed the curse; for this, O Mother of God, we magnify you!

O true Sunrise of the Sun of Righteousness, from whom salvation dawned over the universe; singing in unison we magnify you!

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