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The Beauty of the Heart

Our society is increasingly obsessed with external appearances. While luxury gym memberships, specialized diets, and plastic surgery may all have their place, they are often disproportionately valued. Every year, billions are spent in the industries of beauty and fitness. Don't get me wrong: a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty are certainly gifts to be cherished. However, it's worth examining the focus and priorities we set in our lives.

This passage from 1 Samuel offers us a profound insight into God's criteria for beauty. “God does not see as human beings see since people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). While people often prioritize and focus mainly on what is external and visible, God evaluates us by looking at our hearts to comprehend the fullness of our beings.

Scripture frequently describes the human heart as central to our spiritual lives. It is not merely a repository of feelings and emotions but also a wellspring of hidden thoughts and reflective wisdom. In essence, the human heart represents the totality of one's personality in its unified form.

I was recently asked, "Will I recognize my wife in the Kingdom of Heaven?" My response is this: it's only in the Kingdom of Heaven that we will truly understand one another, for there we will see the full beauty of the human heart, cleansed from sin and illuminated by God's uncreated light.

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