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Peace be with you

"Peace be with you,” These were the first words spoken by the Risen Christ to his disciples, and in those days, it was an accepted form of greeting. However, in our spiritual lives, it is more than just a greeting; it is a divine gift, a grace. While a human greeting may simply express good wishes, God's greeting brings life and grace to our lives.

The resurrected Christ gives peace to his disciples because, at that moment, they needed peace more than anything else. The apostles, after the death of their Teacher, were worried, scared, discouraged, and hopeless.

In today's world, where fear, worry, and hopelessness are prevalent, the need for Peace is more urgent than ever. But how do we get that peace? Not everyone has it. It is God's grace, it is a gift. We accept Him into our hearts, or we turn away from Him.

For us, peace is not an idea or a state of mind, but a Person. Jesus Christ is our Peace, who rose from the dead. Great news for you and us.

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