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May God Arise

Nothing is impossible for God, and everything is possible for those who believe in God Almighty. In the first verses of Psalm 68, we witness the magnificence of God's almighty power that conquers even the strongest enemies of our salvation. Evil is like smoke that vanishes and wax that melts when God is present. His victory on the battlefield is certain, and all who stand in opposition will be defeated.

The miraculous Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the most powerful weapon we have in our fight against the enemy of our salvation. Through Christ, we can overcome sin, death, and any trial we may face. As a result, we should rejoice and be glad in the presence of God, as it says in Psalm 68:4, "Rejoice and be glad before him, for the Lord has done great things.”

We should take comfort in the fact that Christ has conquered death and that we have been given the promise of eternal life through Him. We must remember that even in our darkest moments, we can find hope and strength in God's promises. With Christ's Resurrection as our foundation, we can face any challenge with courage and confidence. Therefore, let us rejoice and find joy in the Lord, knowing that Christ has overcome death and that we can overcome all things through Him.

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