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I Placed My Trust in Him

Years ago, a group of Swiss chemists was conducting research on a new type of medicinal plant in the Swiss Alps. With the help of a telescope, the chemists found a unique type of flower in between the giant rocks of the Alps. However, to access the flower, one of them had to descend into the rocks with a rope. The shortest chemist was selected for the mission since the others were heavier.

At that moment, there was a little boy, around twelve years old, standing there, observing out of interest. The chemists offered to pay the boy if he would assist them by going down the huge rock and picking the flower. The young boy responded: “I will return in just a few minutes.” He returned to the chemists with an adult man with him and said to them, “I will go down the rock and pick the flower for you but under one condition. This man will hold the ropes. He is my father.”

Now, do we trust our heavenly father in this same way? The Prophet Isaiah reminds us, “Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid” Isaiah 12:2. There is a profound truth in these words.

Theologian and early church father, Jerome (c. 347–420), interpreted this verse in this way: “Now, my God and my Lord Jesus.” In Hebrew, Jesus means savior. Jerome, in his translation, revealed the identity of the savior, Jesus Christ. Indeed, salvation is found in our Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. And because He is our hope and salvation, there is no reason to fear Him. We should trust Him just as the little boy trusted his father.

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