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Ephphatha: A Spiritual Roadmap

In today’s Gospel reading, Lord Jesus performs a miraculous healing; He heals a man who is deaf and has a speech impediment. This miracle is more than an episode of history frozen in time. For us, as Christians, it is an invitation to a spiritual life, an entire roadmap pointing us toward the sacred journey we're all meant to undertake. Let's explore this invitation, this spiritual program, step by step together.

1. Firstly, let us look at how the man came to Jesus. He didn't come alone; he was brought by others. Sometimes, we are brought to Jesus by circumstances or people who care for us. They understand our limitations and lead us to the one who can make us whole. So the first step is coming to Jesus, whether on our feet or carried by others, but we must come.

2. The man who was healed had faith, and so did the people who brought him to Jesus. There is no room for skepticism when we stand before God. This faith is an intellectual acceptance of Jesus' ability to heal and a profound spiritual trust that He can and will transform us.

3. What happens next in the passage is also deeply symbolic. Jesus took the man away from the crowd to heal him privately. Why would Jesus do that?

In our spiritual lives, the crowd represents noise, distraction, and sometimes, even societal expectations that might contradict God's will. When we truly seek healing and transformation, Jesus invites us to step away from the crowd—away from the worldly distractions and noises that drown His voice. He invites us into a one-on-one encounter where real change happens.

4. The final part of this healing involves Jesus putting His fingers into the man’s ears, spitting, and touching his tongue. Then He looks up to heaven, sighs, and says, “Ephphatha,” which means, "Be opened.”

This is a vivid reminder that our relationship with Jesus is both physical and spiritual. He touches our lives physically, healing our wounds and comforting our pains. But He also speaks a word into us—"Ephphatha"—a spiritual command that our hearts and minds should also be opened. When our hearts open, we become able to listen to His word, speak the truth, and express love that we were not capable of expressing before.

May we all be inspired to step away from the crowds in our lives, to seek a private, intimate moment with our Savior, and be ready to be transformed by His healing touch and His life-giving word.

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