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Absolute Freedom

Many of us fail to fully grasp the value of freedom and independence, particularly those who have not witnessed the realities of war and the sacrifices made by countless individuals for victory and freedom.

However, despite our freedom, many of us find ourselves trapped, bound by various obsessions, past traumas, present violence, and hatred. We carry the weight of these chains that confine us, and the list seems endless. Why is that so?

The truth is, we dedicate ourselves to numerous things and individuals other than God. We place our hopes, desires, and passions in the wrong places. The Bible refers to these misplaced devotions as idols. When we serve idols, we are not experiencing freedom but rather slipping deeper into slavery.

True and absolute freedom in our lives can only be attained through God's love and devotion to Him. When we wholeheartedly surrender our lives to the caring hands of our Heavenly Father, He blesses us with the Holy Spirit, who takes residence in our hearts and liberates us from the bondage of sin and death through our Lord Christ Jesus (Romans 8:2).

This is because "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom" (2 Corinthians 3:17).

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