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A New Chapter

Yesterday was a transformative moment in my spiritual journey. As I stood in the heart of Etchmiadzin, surrounded by the prayers and blessings of generations past and present, I was humbled to be ordained as bishop of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The weight of tradition, the urgency of the moment, and the gravity of the responsibilities ahead filled the atmosphere with indescribable energy.

The act of ordination is a beautiful paradox—a melding of individual and community, past and future, the temporal and the eternal. At that sacred moment, I felt the hands of the Catholicos of All Armenians laying upon me, physically and spiritually, linking me to the unbroken chain that goes back to the Apostles themselves. In that instant, I realized I was a part of something much greater than myself.

Holy Etchmiadzin is more than a physical place: it is a spiritual epicenter that serves as the beating heart of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It symbolizes our historical resilience, theological wisdom, and the unity of our faith. Being ordained there, I felt a powerful sense of alignment, as if every sermon preached, every rite performed, and every hymn sung had led me to this point.

But I am keenly aware that this isn’t a conclusion; instead, it’s a profound beginning. A bishop is not a solitary figure but a shepherd, a guide, a servant-leader in the truest sense. My task now is to nourish my people’s spiritual well-being and advocate for love, justice, and understanding.

As I move forward in my journey, I carry with me the wisdom of those who came before me and the hopes of those who will come after. I aim to serve with humility, lead with integrity, and love without conditions. I am deeply committed to being a servant-leader, following in the footsteps of Christ, who came not to be served but to serve.

I am grateful for this calling and the countless blessings shaping my path so far. I ask for your prayers and support as I take this significant step, embracing the opportunities and challenges it brings. May God guide us all in our endeavors to manifest His love in our world.

With love and blessings,

Bishop Mesrop Parsamyan

Primate of the Eastern Diocese of

the Armenian Church of America

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